Karmen Dann

Karmen is an experienced stylist and art director. She is fluent in styling campaign photography and film. She has worked extensively as a wardrobe stylist and costume designer for Commercial, Short, Feature Film and Campaign both photo and motion.

She first discovered her love for style and design at the age of 12, when her family would volunteer sorting clothing donations at their local co-op. It was there, sorting through donations, that Karmen first encountered diverse styles, textures and eccentricities. From that point forward, she was hooked on individual style.

Every job is approached with a creative eye and attention to detail. She always has her finger on the pulse as far as current trends, fashion and streetwear. Karmen works with creatives, directors and their team to make their vision come to life.

Karmen works with clients globally, specializing in sourcing and working in new and remote towns. She is remembered for her positive attitude, strong work ethic, resourcefulness and humor.

 photo by Corey Reeb.

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