Now Casting: Family, DOGS, 60+ Couple, 20 Something friends



TALENT SPECS: All talent should have acting experience and easy to direct

OCP: Total 5, Family + Mother in law, $1000/person

-Young Caucasian Couple, mid 30's - early 40s, one female and one male

-2 kids, age 7-11, one female and one male

-Mother in-law, Caucasian, 60s-70s, eccentric look

EXTRAS: Total 6, $200/person

-5 New Years Eve Party Goers, 20's and any ethnicity and gender

-Father in-law, Caucasian, 60s-70s

ANIMALS: $200 - $300 / dog

-one medium - large breed dog, well trained.  The dog will be handling food and wrestling with talent for the turkey. It will need to be a well-trained dog to deal with meat!

-one lap dog, will be with mother in-law talent

OCP Rate: $500 Session fee + 20% Agency Fee

OCP Usage: $500 usage + 20% Agency Fee

EXTRAS Rate: $200 Session fee + 20% Agency Fee

Animal Rate: $200 1⁄2 day Session fee

Animal Rate: $300 full day Session fee

Non-union, local talent. Talent will work one day, Monday Oct. 30th.

Submission Instructions:

Please submit at least 3 photos of talent, all reflecting current look and preferably from the last 12 months. Talent should have confirmed availability before submission. Reels or video of recent work not necessary but appreciated. Please only submit talent with acting experience or training. There are no lines but gestures and reactionary acting will be required.

Please only submit talent that can work local to central Ohio,  Submit to: Email Subject: HOLIDAY

Casting Notice Calendar: Submissions Due: 5pm Wednesday Oct 18th

Selections: Tuesday 10/24

Shoot: Monday 10/30th

Shoot Location: Central Ohio

Casting: 3 Friends!


THE DETAILS::::::::::::

October 11th, Night Shoot. This is a Video Shoot, still photography will be taken for the purpose of promoting the video.

Client: International Retailer for Rugged Shoes and Apparel

Casting Director: Karmen Dann LLC

Usage: ● Digital – primary use will be national digital campaign ● Non-Broadcast, NO print, NO outdoor ● Buyout Worldwide on the internet.

Rate: $500 + 20% Agency Fee for Talent’s agent //// Talent will work one day (Evening) Oct 11th (Not confirmed time but estimated 4pm - 2am)

Note: The rate isn’t high, we know. But we are hopeful for a fun and successful video that could be a great addition to a talents resume and experience!!



● 3 Men, age 20-30. Hip, cool, rugged or clean cut.

  •  Need one talent that can deliver a line, confident acting, easy to direct
  • Need 2 talent that can look cool, laugh on cue, respond to each other

 ● 1 man or woman, costume performer.

  • 5’9”-6’1” ○ Talent should be experienced with showing physical humor
  • Talent should be comfortable and able to wear and perform in a 60lb bear costume
  • Please list experience performing in costume
  • Casting Notice Calendar:
    • Submissions Due: 10am Thursday Oct 5th
    • Selections: EOD Friday Oct 6th
    • Fitting / Tech Scout for Bear: Tuesday Oct 10th, $250 Compensation for up to four hours
    • Shoot: Wednesday Oct 11th (Not confirmed time but estimated 4pm - 2am)

Shoot Location: Central Ohio


Submission Instructions for 3 friends:

  • Send Name, Phone Number, city you reside
  • Please submit at least 3 photos of talent, all reflecting current look and preferably from the last 12 months. Talent should have confirmed availability before submission.
  • Please Submit One Video for talent. Humor or general good nature would be great. The video should feature the following from talent
  1. laughing
  2. line: “Hey where are my boots”
  3. line: “Hey where are my rockys”

Submission Instructions for Costume Performer

  • Send Name, Phone Number, city you reside, one photo
  • List of experience performing in costume, height, confirm you are healthy to perform in a costume

We would love to have 3 real friends if possible. Please send all submissions to with subject CAMPING


Casting: National Digital Campaign

Screen Shot 2017-09-06 at 5.32.27 PM.png

Hello All!

We are looking for 10 Adults ranging in ethnicity and gender! All talent should be slim - average height and build. And between the age of 25 and 45. Singles / Friends and Real Couples are welcome to submit together.

Also searching for a real parent and child duo, the child should be between 3 and 7 and submit with a mother OR father.

Please only submit if you are comfortable on camera. This is a video and photo shoot.

This is a non-union shoot, please do not submit if you are union talent. 

  • Date: Sept 20th OR 21st, do not submit if you have conflicts on either day.
  • Location: Cleveland, OH - No travel accommodations will be made. 
  • Rate + Usage: $750/person

Please follow submission guidelines!

  • Submit 3 photos: no filters and at least one photo with your full body in the picture
  • Submit Name and Age of those submitting
  • Please confirm availability for the 20th and 21st of September
  • Are you available for call backs via skype or in-person (Cleveland, OH) on Tuesday, Sept 12th?
  • If you have a talent agent please let us know (an agent is not required to submit)
  • Submit to:

Deadline: Thursday Sept 7th @ 6pm

As always! Thanks for sharing!!!



Casting: Ohio Family!!

Hi guys!!!

I am helping out the group at Nef Jones Casting!!  This is a paid trip + pay for the right family!!! Please check out the post and email: 


Seeking real families for a commercial for North Carolina Tourism. They will be captured on camera experiencing things for the first time! We are looking for:


Are from Cincinnati, Cleveland, or Columbus •One adult and one child in the family have never seen the ocean (could be more family members!)

•Are comfortable in/around water

PAY: $2000 per person + $1500 if you appear in the final cut. Non-Union.

EXPENSES: In addition to payment, Hotels and flights are included plus per diem for the purchase of food and incidentals while shooting.

SHOOT DATES: 4 days in late September/ early October (3 days of shooting, 1 day of travel) USAGE: 1 year upfront (included in $1500) with the option to renew for a second and third year (would pay an additional $1500 per year of renewal). TV, Online.

If interested, please email JULIET@NEFJONESCASTING.COM the following:

1. Names, contact info, ages of children in family 2. Where you are located 3. Have you ever been to North Carolina? Seen the ocean? 4. A few pictures of your family 5. How comfortable are you in water?

**If you are a fit, we will send you instructions to make an ‘interview tape’ as there are no in-person auditions***

NBC Comedy Show!!!

I was beyond excited to be a casting producer on this project!! If you knew me in August/September you might remember I was sourcing real people in Ohio to be reoccurring stars of a new prime-time network television show. 

So fun to see this project announced!!! I can't wait for when the cast is publicized!!!

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