Dress "Cooler"

People tell me all of the time that they just don't have good style. Like it's a physical feature they were born with. They want to know how they can dress better, "look cooler" or just emulate a more fashionable style but in general ask the question as if it's something that just can't be helped.

Nothing could be easier than changing your signature style. The hardest part is being brave enough to go outside of your comfort zone.

Step one: Find personal style icons you can look up to.

Step two: start creating a library of your favorite visuals from style icon(s). Weather it be through pinterest, iphone stream or evernote. Create a catalog and when it's time to buy new clothes or decide what to wear for that special occasion, reference the collection. An overhaul isn't needed, baby steps are fine. -Hit me up if you need more steps to have the style you want.

One of my many style icons: Audrey Tautou.


Audrey Tautou2.jpg